Herbs for testicular atrophy


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Women are not alone when it comes to infertility problems. Men also have their share of infertility issues as a result of genital diseases such as testicular atrophy. Nonetheless, the team of plantasafricanas has brought to you the most effective solution from nature itself. Do you want to say goodbye to testicular atrophy? Contact us via WhatsApp on +229 52096581. We deliver worldwide and delivery is free!!!

Amazing herbs for testicular atrophy

The male equivalent of ovarian problems in men is testicular problems. The male testicles are the equivalent of the female ovaries. The only difference is that the testicles are located outside the body while the ovaries are located inside the body. Testicular problems are common in today’s society. One of the problems with the testicles is testicular atrophy. Having small testicles is no fun. Many of you are wondering:
*My testicles are getting smaller, what should I do? (the best herbs for testicular atrophy)
*What natural remedy can I use to get my testicles back to their normal shape?
Don’t panic! We have the best herbs for testicular atrophy.


What is testicular atrophy?


Testicular atrophy which is caused by several diseases (which would be discussed later in the article) like varicocele, testicular torsion, Orchitis, and so on can result in male infertility. This disease can come as shock to many, however, you may have ignored the warnings given to you by your body. Continue reading to find out more about the causes of testicular atrophy to further avoid them. Here, you would also find 8 interesting powerful herbs to cure testicular atrophy naturally in order to boost male fertility. 

Our Herbal solution

Our natural remedy to increase the size of your testicles is herbal tea. This herbal tea contains the best herbs in the world to increase the size of your testicles, boost your libido, virility and testosterone. This herbal tea will also improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. Unlike testicular surgery, which can lead to a significant inflammatory reaction, which leads to the loss of the testicle, our herbal tea is free of side effects. As a researcher in the field of male sexual health, I can assure you that our herbal tea to increase the size of your testicles will work for 95% of men with small testicles. It is indeed very simple to boost your testosterone level, and the benefits are numerous. Increasing your hormones, regardless of age, is feasible for everyone.

However, in some men, testicular atrophy is strongly linked to varicocele. We have a very effective natural remedy to cure varicocele with plants. Once your varicocele has healed, your testicles will return to their normal shape.

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Here are some common that are beneficial to testicles


There is no scientific study to prove that it has an effect on testicular atrophy. However, Tribulus increases the level of testosterone and sex drive which will, in turn, affect male fertility. Recent studies also showed that the amazing effect of Tribulus extract on body weight and testicular development. 

Therefore, many people use the fruits, leaves, or roots of this plant as an effective treatment to improve sexual performance. However, it has been shown to cause the following side effects:

Difficulty falling asleep;

Stomach disorders.

These herbs for testicular atrophy are not specific for increasing the size of the testicles, but these herbs mentioned can improve the function of the testes. You should consult a specialist before you start using any of them.




Fenugreeks testicular atrophy

This has been used for decades or thousands of years for this pathology. Studies have validated this product to have an effect on testicular atrophy by increasing the size of the testicle, increasing the level of testosterone, strength, libido, erectile function.


Maca root

​​maca root testicular atrophy

This is a plant from Peru that has been used for thousands of years to help libido and infertility. It helps with erectile dysfunction, and it’s been shown to increase sperm count and sperm motility. But does not have an effect on male hormones.



GINSENG testicular atrophy

A well-known traditional medicine which treats sexual dysfunction and enhances sexual behavior. It increases sperm quality and quantity. 

Raw ginseng root is used in a therapeutic dose of up to three grams per day. That plant contains the active ingredients saponins, fatty acids and phenolic compounds, considered to be an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction as well as improving the quality of sperm because ginseng contains the main ginsenoside components. It can be taken into account in strategies for the treatment of reproductive disorders in humans.

It is also known that Korean red ginseng in particular renews the effectiveness of both the testis and the process of sperm growth and maturation. This is made possible through the process of regulating the oxidation and reduction of proteins. Indeed, a study was carried out with a group of laboratory mice with a therapeutic dose of 200 mg per kg of their weight to verify the effect of the extract. As a result, ginseng can be administered in the treatment of testicular weakness problem caused by aging in particular.

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Tel/Whatsapp: +229 52096581

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